One Of The Most Exciting Low Calorie Natural Sweeteners To Hit The Market In The Past Century.

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Imagine Confectionary Goods That Are Rich And Delicious With No Added Sugars And A 10th Of The Calories.

As discussions around added sugars heat up in the media, health-conscious consumers will be watching nutrition labels closer than ever. Food developers are challenged to create products that taste and perform like familiar sugar-laden goods, but without the calories and negative health effects. This is where allulose has been a game-changer. Get your FREE allulose toolkit and make deep clean cuts to the added sugar in your product. Be a leader in the clean label sugar reduction movement.

Consumers Are Aware Of the Negative health Effects Of Sugar And Are Demanding Clean Label Alternatives To Their Favorite Food And Beverages

It is becoming increasingly obvious that sugar consumption can lead to diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Three out of five consumers are making buying decisions based on added sugars and clean ingredients. Sugar provides no nutritional value; it is used solely for sensory and functional attributes. Allulose is the first natural sweetener to perform just like sugar without impacting blood glucose & insulin levels or calorie intake. Get a FREE allulose toolkit to join the front line of food innovators.

Allulose is not your average sugar substitute

What Is Allulose:

Allulose As A Sweetening System:

Allulose & The Body

The “Added Sugar” Scarlet letter

3. Consumer-Friendly
Benefits of Allulose.

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Clean Label Sugar Reduction

is key to winning health minded and mainstream consumers. Allulose may help you reach it with clean label calorie reduction.

In a study released by the Consumer Goods Forum, more than 102 food companies surveyed reformulated 180,000 products to support a healthier lifestyle and address public health issues. Ingredient suppliers and food technologists alike have this opportunity to step up their game. Companies like Coke, Pepsi, Kraft and Nestle are making changes, are you?
This is your chance to create a clean label product that consumers will love.

Don’t get left behind the Clean Label
Sugar Reduction Movement.

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It’s not too late to reformulate! Reduce your sugar without sacrificing taste.

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